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Share Experience To Bet Asian Handicap in Football

What is Asian Handicap, a popular type of bet that is receiving special attention from football betting enthusiasts? In this article, we will explore in detail some information about this type of odds. Let's pocket right away some unbeatable macau soccer tips from top experts.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap, also known as handicap, over/under, or Handicap, is a popular betting odds favored by bettors. To participate, players need to understand the two opposing teams and predict the outcome of the match based on the handicap set by the bookmaker.

Currently, Asian Handicap has become the main type of bet that develops into many other types of bets such as over/under, yellow cards, red cards, corner kicks, etc. Especially, the final result is based only on the official 90 minutes of play, not including extra time.

Outstanding advantages of Asian Handicap odds

Thanks to its outstanding advantages, handicap odds have become one of the popular and attractive choices, bringing players a challenging experience and high potential for winning. So what are the superior points of Asian Handicap? Let's explore together:

One of the most noteworthy points of handicap betting is the higher reward ratio compared to other types. Only having to choose one of the two over or under increases your chances of winning up to 50%.

It is appealing because to obtain the bonus, players need to analyze football odds well. Analyzing odds here requires careful analysis and understanding of relevant information about the match. This type is very suitable for those who have a passion for football and want to profit from betting activities.

Handicap odds can change depending on each match and the latest information about the teams. Bettors can place bets before the match starts or during the match. Especially, Handicap can be combined with many other types of odds to create more diversity and increase the level of rewards achieved.

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Guide on How to Read Some Common Handicap Odds

What is Asian Handicap betting, and how do you read these types of odds? Asian Handicap betting comes in various forms, including:

Level Handicap (0 goals)

Level Handicap, also known as 0 handicap, is a straightforward Asian Handicap bet that attracts players' attention. In this type, neither team is given a head start, so players only need to bet on the team they think will win. The final result is determined as follows:

If you bet on the team considered the favorite and they win, you'll receive the corresponding reward.

If the chosen team loses or draws, you lose your entire stake.

Additionally, if the match ends in a draw, the bookmaker refunds the initial stake.

Quarter Ball Handicap (1/4 goal)

What is Asian Handicap betting? Quarter Ball Handicap odds determine three specific outcomes:

If the team giving the handicap wins by one goal difference, those betting on the favorite win.

If you bet on the favorite but the underdog team wins, you lose the bet.

In case of a draw, players betting on the favorite lose half their stake, while those betting on the underdog get half their stake back.

Half Ball Handicap

Half Ball Handicap, also known as 0.5 handicap or 1/2 handicap, is a common type of bet in football betting. Here's how to read Asian Handicap odds for this:

If you bet on the favorite and they win by at least one goal difference, you win.

If you bet on the underdog, and the match ends with the favorite losing or drawing, you win the bet.

Three Quarter Ball Handicap (3/4 goal)

When understanding Asian Handicap betting, the 3/4 ball handicap type is more complex but very attractive. In this type, if the handicapped team wins by a difference of two or more goals, only then do those predicting the favorite win. If the difference is just one goal, those betting on the favorite get half their stake back, while those betting on the underdog lose half their stake.

One Ball Handicap

In a 1 ball handicap, the favorite team gives a handicap of 1 goal to the weaker team. Here's how the specific outcome is determined:

If you bet on the favorite, and they win by a difference of two or more goals, you'll receive a payout.

If you predict the favorite, but the match ends in a draw or the favorite loses, you lose your entire stake.

If the handicapped team wins by just one goal, those betting on the favorite lose half their stake, while those betting on the underdog lose half their stake.

Expert Handicap Betting Tips

Understanding what Asian Handicap betting is is essential, but winning requires players to have specific strategies and football knowledge:

Understanding how to read Asian Handicap odds is crucial to avoid costly mistakes. Spend time studying each type to find the most suitable strategy.

Researching the teams playing is vital. Apart from knowing what Asian Handicap betting is, players need to gather information about both teams. Analyze factors such as form, lineup, key players, and coaches to gauge the strength difference between teams.

Analyze the odds movement. In matches with significant skill level differences between teams, pay attention to odds changes before kickoff. A sudden drop in odds hours before the match but a significant increase in the last 40 minutes could indicate the handicapped team facing difficulties. In such cases, prioritize betting on the underdog to maximize profits.

Track odds fluctuations. If you notice significant discrepancies in Asian Handicap odds, it's a warning sign to proceed with caution. Bookmakers typically adjust odds about three days before a match. Keep updating yourself with the latest information for accurate predictions.


By reading this article, bettors should now have a comprehensive understanding of what Asian Handicap betting is and how to read some soccer tips website . Hopefully, the information provided above will help bettors gain a deeper understanding of this type of bet and find effective strategies to make accurate predictions.


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